We are committed to locking hand with individuals and organizations who share our heart for the marginalized in Detroit and specifically the Pingree Park Neighborhood. If you have questions about how you and your organization can partner with us please email for more information.

MACC Development-h_white

MACC Development was started by Mack Avenue Community Church (MACC) as a means of addressing the systemic injustices and needs that face the 48214 zip code on Detroit’s east side. We want to celebrate MACC Development’s commitment to our community through its various programs, including literacy and legal services, sports program, and a new coffee bar and laundry business. We also look forward to helping MACC Development implement its vision for economic revitalization and a new family friendly Mack Avenue Business Corridor from W Grand Blvd to Fischer St.

Center for Student Missions (CSM) is a national Christian organization aimed at bringing short term volunteers to urban centers across the United States in ways that impact both the volunteers and the communities in which they serve for years to come. We are excited about partnering with CSM as they grow their presence in Detroit. Already this partnership has allowed for the complete overhaul of a long abandoned duplex on Burns St, which will serve as the home base for CSM’s summer volunteers. Moving forward we hope to engage CSM volunteers with community projects that address blight, re-build dignity within the neighborhood, and allow for strategic housing rehabs where cost-savings can be passed through to low income purchasers.

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